Don’t Let Your Family Swim in Dirty Pool Water: Get Indoor Pool Drain Lining


Having an indoor pool adds to the aesthetics of your home. But if your pool gets drain problems, it would put your family’s health at risk. Don’t let them swim in dirty pool water. 

How is this done? Here are a few steps to take to accomplish the job successfully.

Step 1: The indoor pool drain lining or repair has to be done by an expert, otherwise you risk doing the job wrong and installing the lining incorrectly, putting your family’s health at greater risk.

Step 2: These experts inspect your pool and the drain pipes to ensure they are addressing the right problem. By inspecting the pool and its drains, you save money from making the wrong move. It is through this inspection that you determine whether or not your pool needs drain lining or a simple cleanup. It will also help you see real-time using a CCTV camera whether or not the damage to the pipes are as serious or simple as you thought them to be.

Step 3: Once the experts (and you), determined that the pool drain needed repairs, the pool has to first be drained or emptied of water. If the pool drain pipes are too damaged to drain the pool water, an alternative would be to syphon the water out without using the drain. This will take a lot of work if you try to do this yourself. But if you hire the help of an expert, they have the right equipment to do the job. It will save you time and get your pool drain fixed faster.

Step 4: After the water is drawn out of the pool, the cleaning process begins. Before installing a lining, the pipes have to be cleaned of scum and any particles that may have built up over time. This will help the lining cling to the walls of the original pipes properly. A hydro jet will be used to clean inside the pipes without digging trenches on the ground.

Step 5: There may be a need to reset the pool liners to prevent air from getting into them. If air gets into the liners, it will cause sagging. This is because the water will push the air to the corners. This may cause problems, too, so it is better to do it right the first time than spend for another service to fix it again.

Step 6: When the pool and its drain and pipes are all cleaned up and lining has been installed and liners reset, then it is time to refill the pool with water. This should be the easiest and final part of the job.

Better Safe than Sorry

By hiring the right experts, you get the job done correctly and you save yourself time, money, effort, and your sanity. Make sure the company has the right tools, materials, and equipment for making the job a success. They will meet customer satisfaction, too, because they are certified, experienced, and licensed to operate. They have operated for years and have received many good feedback. This should put your mind at ease.


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