Why Does the Water Have to Be Off During the Curing Phase of Roof Drain Lining?


Property owners, whether they are residential properties or commercial properties, sometimes run into problems like leaks in the roof.

New England Pipe Restoration is a company that uses trenchless technology to conduct many of its plumbing services. They are also experts in repairing walls and roofs of buildings that have damages or are starting to show signs of damage.

A roof drain lining is often performed to repair leaks in the drains of the roof. There are roof drain leaks that can be repaired even with the water turned on. But there are also instances wherein water has to be turned off in the order for the curing phase of roof drain lining to be completed successfully.

But why does the water have to be off during the curing phase of roof drain lining? What is roof drain lining?

What is roof drain lining?

It is the process of repairing the roof drain by using a cure-in-place method to replace or patch the drain without breaking anything. The roof drain lining method is an affordable and convenient way to repair a leaking drain. It is affordable because there is no need for plumbers to tear apart pipes and roofs or walls to get to the drain. This means less mess and no further intrusions to have to fix after the plumber is done.

Why turn the water off?

The roof drain lining is a soft substance that needs time to harden. This hardening time is called the curing phase. A lot of times, water has to be turned off during the curing phase of roof drain lining to allow the substance to set in and harden. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the substance and waste the material used.

If the damage to the roof drain is not too much, water can be left on as the plumber only need to make a small roof drain lining or patching up. A small patching up or repair can quickly dry or harden the lining so there is no problem with water running during the curing phase except during instances mentioned above.

Why choose roof drain lining?

Aside from it is easy to install and less expensive, roof drain lining is also safe and does not cause damage to the roof structure. It also makes the work easier for plumbers to use this method if the roof drain is not in sight.

Roof drain lining is also chosen by many customers because they can provide results in a very short span of time. It takes about three to four hours to get the lining to harden, not so much hours compared to other traditional methods. And since roof drain problems are serious problems, quick fixes like roof drain lining are more than necessary.

By using this method, customers can save time, money, and strength more than they would spend if they choose otherwise. And one of the best companies to help in times of roof drain troubles is none other than New England Pipe Restoration Trenchless Technology. Whether it is an apartment, a condominium, or a residential house, they are ready to assist.

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