Is the Resin Barrier Coating Safe for Water Consumption and How Long Will it Last?


If you clean your pipes and find that you are still having drainage trouble, you may have to look into more serious pipe repair. For small to medium repairs, there is a simple trenchless repair option available. This repair method, known as trenchless pipe lining, involves coating your existing pipes with an epoxy resin.

This resin coating acts as a barrier against inside corrosion and outside intrusion. Trenchless pipe lining allows you to preserve your original pipes, and still restore your water pipes to like new quality.

Newly installed sewer or water pipes usually last 40-50 years. Relined sewer and water pipes will last just as long. The epoxy resin barrier is pulled through your pipe system by tools that are inserted through one access hole. This process does not require traditional trenched digging to access or repair your pipes.

Resin Barrier Coating

As the resin is guided through your pipes, it seals off crack, holes, corrosion, and intrusions. Within the day, the resin will be hardened. The epoxy resin barrier is very thin, and it does not significantly reduce the diameter of your pipes or inhibit flow. By smoothing out your pipes, it actually increases flow.

If you are concerned with your sewer pipes, then all of your problems may already be solved. However, if you are having trouble with your potable water pipes, then you may have more questions.

There are a lot of threats to our drinking water already. Improperly repaired or lined sewers may leak into your property and infect water. Hazardous pesticides or nearby oil spills may also be a threat. With all of these possible threats, you don’t want to purposely introduce any unsafe chemicals into your drinking water.

Is Resin Barrier Coating Safe for Water Consumption?

Trenchless pipe lining can be used on potable or drinking water lines, but you will want to make sure that the epoxy barrier is “NSF approved and UPC listed for safe use and consumption” as Pipe Surgeons of South Florida recommend. Specialized plumbers, like Pipe Surgeons, can reline pipes as small as ⅜ of an inch in diameter and that carry drinking water and natural gas.

There are multiple methods of trenchless pipe lining and multiple versions of the epoxy resin used to coat water pipes. Not all plumbers can provide every kind of trenchless lining service available. If you are having trouble with your water lines, be sure to speak to a plumber that specializes in potable water lines.

The best news about coating your pipes with a resin barrier is that it is not a very intrusive process. As it does employ trenchless techniques, it will not cause damage to your landscaping, your driveway, structures in your yard, or public roads. You should not be worried that trenchless pipe lining is a shortcut or unsafe. If your pipes are experiencing damage, but are still reasonably intact, trenchless pipe lining may be the best option for you.

Contact a local plumber like Pipe Surgeons of South Florida and ask about estimates, cleanings, repairs, and inspections. Your pipes may require any combination of these services, and a professional plumber can help you determine which are right for you.

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