Pipe Bursting Can Be Used to Increase a Pipe’s Carrying Capacity


Pipe bursting is a process used by many plumbing companies that also specialize in trenchless pipe lining services. While the concept of pipe bursting is straightforward, it uses some of today’s most advanced plumbing technology.

For most projects, two access holes are dug that replace the traditional trench used for pipe replacement. A pointed bursting head is used to split the damaged pipe and fracture it, forcing fragments outward to create a space for the installation of the new pipe system.

This technique is used along with the installation of trenchless pipe systems, but did you know pipe bursting can also improve the flow water and sewage inside your pipes? The process can help to increase the pipe’s capacity, allowing it to hold more material at one time. This is one of the primary benefits to the service and is recommended by technicians even if their client’s pipes are not damaged.

Why Use Pipe Bursting Just to Increase Capacity?

Sometimes a residential or commercial system doesn’t operate as it should, not because of damaged pipes, but simply because the diameter is too small to meet the needs of the plumbing or sewer system. Pipe bursting services like those offered by Gladiator Rooter & Plumbing destroys the original pipe and replaces it with one that has a larger capacity. This is an option that is often needed for systems that are used for gas and water industries.

Pipe Bursting Services Cause Less Environmental Damage

Another benefit to pipe bursting is that it is an environmentally-friendly choice that is better than the traditional methods of pipe replacement. That’s because it provides protection to the surface located above the pipe from the severe damage caused by digging a trench.

Pipe bursting is a convenient alternative method to the traditional option and it is becoming a popular choice among plumbers and sewer specialists all throughout the nation. While it is a technique that most newcomers to the industry are trained in, pipe bursting requires a technician who understands how to use the advanced technology and equipment needed to carry out the job successfully. The team performing the job should have knowledge in geography, soil conditions, tree roots and other factors.

About Gladiator Rooter & Plumbing

Gladiator Rooter & Plumbing is the best plumbing company in the Alameda & Contra Costa area. This family owned and operated business has been around since 1985, offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all their services. Their technicians are known for only using the latest methods and equipment to perform their quality plumbing and sewer services for residential and commercial customers.

If you would like to learn more about pipe bursting and how the service can benefit your home or business, you should contact the rooter & plumbing experts at Gladiator today by calling 877.473.9379. You can also email the company at info@gladiatorplumber.com for more details. There is also a simple contact form available on their website where you may contact your local Gladiator Plumbers at your own convenience.

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