How Long Does the Average Pipe Bursting Job Take?


Any time that a sewer system is completely damaged, a professional plumber will often recommend pipe bursting. During this process, a sewer system is intentionally broken to make it possible for the installation of a replacement system.

It is safer and more efficient than the traditional method of digging a trench or tearing down internal walls in a home to replace the pipes. Using mechanically applied force, and quality bursting heads, technicians can successfully remove areas of a plumbing or sewer system so that they may be reinstalled.

The Process of Pipe Bursting

To start a pipe bursting job, a bursting head is placed on a replacement pipe line, and fed through toward the broken sewer line. The conical bursting head breaks through the damaged pipeline since it is larger than the existing pipe in diameter. After that, hydraulic power is used to break through the entire pipe and remove it from the original location. The replacement trenchless pipe, which is located behind the bursting head, slides into place and fills in the damaged pipe cavity.

Most modern pipe bursting jobs only take a few hours to complete. The process is simple and highly effective, which is why pipe bursting is one of the most popular methods in the nation for quality pipe replacement. This process has also helped make more people aware of the benefits associated with trenchless pipe replacement.

Why Choose Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Trenchless pipe replacement is more efficient than the traditional methods used years ago for replacing plumbing and sewer pipes. It is also more affordable and requires less time to complete. When choosing trenchless pipe replacement services, homeowners are selecting a safer method since there are no natural gases or elements from the Earth such as asbestos or mold exposed. Pipe bursting also eliminates the additional costs associated with traditional pipe replacement such as lawn repair or extensive labor charges. Homeowners save on the cost of replacement soil and grass, as well as any property damage they would have endured by using another method.

Another benefit of pipe bursting is that it can improve the flow of water or sewage inside your pipes. Homeowners and business owners alike will often choose a replacement pipe that has a larger diameter to ensure an increased pipe flow. Since pipe bursting clears out the soil surrounding the original pipes, there is plenty of room left for the installation of larger pipes. This can help to increase the fill capacity so that the CIPP material goes through the accessible area.

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