Since You Put the Liner Inside the Old Pipes, Do I Lose Some Waterflow Through the Pipes?

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Trenchless sewer repairs are truly a game changer when it comes to major sewer repair and replacements. Being able to replace an entire system in just a day or two at the most is completely unheard of with traditional plumbing. Doing things the old way require accessing the pipes directly from the outside, which of course means digging up your yard or nice sidewalk or even porch or patio to get the the entire drainage system. That is not ideal, that’s for sure.

So what is trenchless sewer repair? It is repairing or replacing your pipes without trenches. That means this is a no dig solution. Professionals are now able to access pipes completely internally. It’s no longer necessary to remove the pipe completely. Instead, the pipes can be restored with a new lining that is as durable as the pipe itself. With the old existing pipes as the barriers, the lining fills the pipes and creates a long-lasting repair option that in turn gives an new system, all within one day’s worth of work.

Many times the question arises that we are sure a lot of people are thinking:  Since you put the liner inside the old pipes, do I lose some water flow through the pipes? The answer to that is no and let us explain how this is not the case.

The process of lining your pipes starts with an inspection. Technicians are able to view the condition of the pipes prior to beginning the process. They can diagnose any issues beforehand and verify that relining the pipes is the best issue. After that, the pipes are thoroughly cleaned. This gets the pipes down to their original state and size, removing buildup and grime that would cause closure in the pipes and restrict water flow. That leaves a clean slate for plumbers to begin the lining process.

Now to the major step: relining the pipes. The pipes are relined with an epoxy coating, which is a durable, long lasting material that will be as strong as a new pipe. The reason that it does not restrict water flow is because the lining is warmed and molded to the pipes. This fills in holes and cracks, but also forms to the old pipes so tight that it leaves the original size and space within. Not to mention, with the new lining, the water will flow more freely and fluently, actually improving the water flow and reducing the risk of clogs and blockages.

Blue Works Company has skilled and trained professionals who are ready to help you reline your pipes. Their staff has been service Florida residents and business owners for years, and they have the ability to bring the most innovative and cost effective options to you for your plumbing needs. Blue Works Company offers pipe inspections, cleaning and relining, all the tasks that need to be done to get your pipes restored with a no-dig trenchless solution. Call Blue Works Company today.

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