How Often Do Frozen Pipes Result in the Pipe Being Relocated?


If you live in an area that is known for below freezing temperatures during the winter, it is likely that you have experienced frozen water pipes in the past. It’s important to understand the severity of frozen pipes since the freezing water can cause the pipes to burst, leaving you or your homeowner’s insurance policy to pay for damages.

While it’s true that not all freezing pipes will burst, when it does, the water inside the pipe expands as it freezes, adding pressure to the exposed pipe. That pressure can cause a small leak to occur in your system’s joints, or cause a crack on the length of the pipe, which can lead to flooding inside your home. Water can damage the floor, walls, and overall foundation of a home, leading to mold and other costly issues.

How to Determine if your Water Pipes are Frozen

Frozen water pipes can occur any time the temperature outdoors drops at or below freezing, no matter where you may be located. Those who live in an area where temperatures stay below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the winter are likely to take precautions to avoid frozen pipes.

Yet those who have recently moved to a colder region or homeowners who live in an area that usually has a warm climate, may not take the proper precautions, and need to know how to identify freezing pipes.

If you see that a water pipe is covered in frost, or it is bulging, it is a good sign that your pipes are frozen. But, keep in mind that your pipes located underground can also freeze. To find out if the pipes you can’t see are frozen, check your faucets and toilets. If the water will not flow or your toilets do not refill after a flush, that is an indication of frozen pipes as well.

Do I Need to Relocate My Pipes?

The occurrence of water pipes being relocated due to freezing is based on several factors, with the climate that you live in and geographical location being the most relevant. If your property has exposed water pipes that are difficult to cover and you deal with frozen water every winter, relocating your pipes, and placing them all underground would be an appropriate solution to the problem.

Pipes that are not exposed and are already located underground often do not need to be relocated, however it can be done if the property owner still has problems with frozen pipes in the winter.

AK Pipe Lining Can Help with Frozen Pipes and Relocation

If you need assistance with your frozen water pipes, or want to learn more about relocating exposed pipes, get in touch with the experts at AK Pipe Lining. They offer a variety of solutions for home plumbing and sewer lines that are effective and affordable. They can also help your current contractor complete an installation or repair job without destroying your property.

Keep your water pipes maintained this upcoming winter with help from AK Pipe Lining in the Pittsburgh area. Contact them at 412.376.4434 or by email at for more details.

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