Types of Pipeline Plugs: the Differences and Uses for Them


Advancements in plumbing technology happen constantly. These improvements help plumbers complete their jobs accurately and successfully as they use a wide range of new tools. Some of the most important tools in modern plumbing and sewer installation would have to be Pipeline Plugs.

Pneumatic vs. Mechanical Pipeline Plugs

A pipeline plug is used to seal off the end of a PVC or metal plumbing pipe. The plugs are designed to test the pressure inside waste or venting stack vents, as well as other vent pipes. There are several types of pipeline plugs available for use, and each one has its own specific uses. The two main categories of pipeline plugs are Pneumatic and Mechanical.

Pneumatic Pipeline Plugs

Also referred to as inflatable pipeline plugs in the industry, these plugs are a safe and convenient option for contractors to use when testing a plumbing system. There are multiple sizes available to ensure that the plugs fit securely, and they are reusable which is an added benefit for plumbers. Custom sizes for these pipeline plugs are available upon request from most manufacturers.

The plugs may be inflated using an extension hose, in an area where they won’t cause any harm, making them very safe to use. There are also remote pole systems available that allow the pneumatic plug to be situated securely without the need of a technician.

Primeline Products Inc. offers a broad range of pneumatic pipeline plugs including single size and multi size plugs. The Single-Size Test Ball Plug is one of the company’s top=selling products and has been around for 50 years. This product is designed to test drain vent and waste systems. It is a staple product for all contractors involved in the plumbing and sewer industry.

Mechanical Pipeline Plugs

Mechanical pipeline plugs are different from pneumatic plugs because they do not allow any release of inflation pressure, thanks to their solid seals. This makes them an excellent choice for plumbers because it can help save time on installation tasks. They feature a lightweight aluminum construction and work by tightening the rim nuts around the area of the pipe plug. This squeezes the pipe seal securely so that nothing may enter inside or release outside.

The Original Gripper Plugs sold by Primeline Products may be used in a variety of drain, waste, and vent tests. The unique end-of-pipe design allows for the plug to be inserted in the precise location. This product is one of the most popular in the industry when it comes to mechanical pipeline plugs. The Original Gripper is made with reinforced ABS plastic It includes an extra-large wingnut used for installation and a natural rubber o-ring.

Find the Tools Your Company Needs at Primeline Products

Primeline Products Inc. offers a wide range of plumbing and sewer line parts that can help with installation, repair, and maintenance jobs. They have both traditional and modernized items that allow your team to take on any type of plumbing issue. If you need to place an order for pneumatic or mechanical pipeline plugs, you should check out their website and browse the selection of plumbing resources they have available.


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