Thermal Expansion Tanks: What Do they Do and How Much Would it Cost?


You have a water heater and you’re a diligent homeowner. Energy savings are important to you as is longevity of the appliances you have invested in. Your hot water tank in particular is vulnerable to damage because of how often it’s used.

Understanding Hot Water

A quick science refresher for you. Cold things contract and hot things expand. This is true with water as well. Your hot water tank is a large cauldron that holds all the hot water your house uses. It supplies the dishwater with hot water, the washing machine, and the all important shower.

Think about how many gallons of hot water you go through on a daily basis. Imagine one of your famous hour long showers. Your hot water heater is constantly working at supplying you the water required.

With constant heating and siphoning of water, the water heater is always expanding and contracting. When water becomes very hot, it has to go somewhere. Your water heater is a metal container and there is not a lot of flexibility built into its design.

When your water expands and the tank cannot bend any further, it is pushed out of pipes and cracks can form. Having a leak in your water heater is not a safe event. Having a separate container where the hot water can flow into and prevent damage is the best alternative.

What Is a Thermal Expansion Tank?

A thermal expansion tank is an exterior holding area for excess water. Attached to your water heater with a pipe and a one way valve, it absorbs any extra hot water that has been pushed out of the heater. Unlike air, water cannot be compressed. It has to go somewhere thermal expansion tank gives it a place to go.

Depending on how much water you go through, you may require a different size of expansion tank. There are plenty of sizes available and some home systems require multiple ones.

You may be thinking, can’t I just have an emergency relief valve instead? This would let the excess water out of my tank without damaging the appliance. This works, but it also loses water and can potentially cost you money. Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on your water heater if you are just going to dump it out whenever the temperature maxes out. Thermal expansion tanks are the best way to conserve energy and keep your hot showers as long as they need to be.

Use a Professional to Install Your Thermal Expansion Tank

Relying on licensed plumbers to install a thermal expansion pack is the smartest and safest option. Any time you are dealing with hot water, there is immense pressure building inside your plumbing. Not using a reliable and trustworthy company can make for spectacular property damage and even injuries. The Northridge Plumber are your areas go-to experts on all things water heater related. Give them a call today: 818-298-1344.

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