If You Have a Roof Leak, Get it Repaired with Roof Drain Repair


Roof drains are a critical part of any building’s plumbing system. All the rain that falls on the roof must be carried away, and this is done through the roof drain, which channels that water from the roof down into the storm sewer.

After many years of usage, the pipes that carry all this water can start to fail, and it will leak from them. As this water penetrates into the building it can cause all sort of problems. Drywall will lose its structural integrity, becoming weak and soft. Concrete can become saturated with moisture, creating a perfect environment for mold to grow. And paint can start to peel off walls and ceilings, creating an unpleasant sight.

A roof that leaks can also make your property’s value drop. No real estate agent will match your asking price if there are leaks, so if you are planning to put your home or building up for sale and you are having a roof leak, get it repaired with roof drain repair.

What is roof drain repair?

The newest trend in the plumbing business is known as roof drain lining. It is a process that involves several steps:

The first one is having the drain video inspected. Using a small video camera, the plumber will check the interior condition of the pipes. This camera will reveal any cracks or broken pieces, as well as any other problems which need to be dealt with.

The water that flows down the drain pipes can carry along debris which sticks to the walls of the pipe. After the camera inspection, the pipes will be cleaned with a stream of high-pressure water which will flush away the sludge and corrosion and leave the pipes ready for the lining process.

This consists of inserting a liner which is saturated in epoxy. It is pushed or pulled into place, and once it reaches the exact spot that needs to be fixed, a bladder is inflated which pushes the epoxy onto the pipe walls, and it is left there until it hardens, turning into a solid piece of pipe within the old pipe.

This liner is extremely durable, does not affect the water flow, and covers all the cracks. It also replaces any pipe pieces which may have broken off, eliminating any leaks.

Roof drain repair advantages

This method for getting rid of leaks has several benefits:

  • It is much more affordable than having to tear down the walls to reach the pipes.
  • Fewer people are required to complete the job, which also saves costs.
  • The liner has an average lifespan of 50 years, providing a long-term solution.
  • Pipes in many diameter sizes can be repaired with this approach, which makes it very versatile.

If your roof is leaking, get the roof drain repaired with Sewer Co’s help

Pipe lining and video camera inspections are services which not all plumbers can offer. It requires specialized training, and the staff at Sewer Co has the proper skills for getting rid of any leak problems on your roof. Contact them today and ask for a free estimate at your property. Their central dispatch is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm.


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