If I Am Remodeling My Kitchen, What Is the Best Way to Remodel the Plumbing?


Planning a remodeling? A new kitchen is a sure fire way to increase property value and utility. More space, more windows, newer appliances, it’s going to be great. What’s more, you will be able to move that sink and finally hook up the ice machine in a different corner of the room.

Once you start planning and seeing your dream on paper, it becomes apparent the plumbing has to be changed. And this is the part of the process where it gets complicated. Even if you are more than capable of remodeling your kitchen DIY style, you will still need a professional plumber. Experiencing a burst pipe or a flooded kitchen can quickly doom any ambition you have.

The Best Way to Remodel the Plumbing

The best way to remodel the plumbing in your new kitchen is to finalize the plans. Draw out where your new appliances are going to be and where are going to be placed. It is also a good idea to clearly label the exposed pipes when tearing out the old kitchen. Once you remove the cabinets and whatever else is in the way, the plumbing should be standing alone. After that, you can physically see and touch the pipes you want to remodel. It makes the whole process simpler.

Check below the kitchen. If you have a basement or a crawlspace, your plumbing is probably there. Understand the layout of your pipes and map out the hot and cold water. Follow the drains and see where your kitchen drain meets up with the sewer line. You never want to cut or move any part of the main lines. Any pipe where other pipes also feed into are part of your larger plumbing system. Avoid touching or cutting any of this plumbing, it could prove to be a mistake.

Check Your Old Plumbing for Damage

Take the opportunity of exposing your pipes during a remodeling to look for any damage. Check the potable water pipes for calcium buildups and signs of hard water. Any damage here can be easily rectified during the plumbing remodel. Old pipes can be replaced and your new pipes can work better than ever before.

It is also a great opportunity to check the drains for clogs and leaks. It is no mystery that your kitchen drains experiences some of the harshest treatment in the house. If you have a garbage disposal, even more so. Organic materials and especially grease are notorious for ruining indoor plumbing. If you spot any damage, now is the time to take action and replace the pipes.

Use a Professional Service

Don’t let your new kitchen be ruined with shoddy plumbing. Rely on professionals to remodel your kitchen pipes. Licensed plumbers have the expertise and the tools necessary to complete the job in a professional way. Speedy Rooter Plumbing is the area’s reliable and trustworthy plumbing company. Contact them today and take pride in your kitchen.

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