Why Do I Need Excavation Services?


Plumbing technology has advanced in such a way that you won’t ever have to worry about dug-up yards, lawns and gardens whenever you experience sewer line issues. But there are times when your particular plumbing concern requires a comprehensive treatment and some digging.
Here are some instances in which you’ll need the help of excavation services for your property, with development, installation and repair being the most common ones:

  • Installation of a swimming pool
  • Adding a pond to your landscape
  • Ground floor room additions
  • Extensive repair or replacement work for your sewer line
  • Prepping the site for clearing lots, demolitions, underground parkades or construction purposes
  • Basement excavations
  • Installing new sewer or water lines.

The Importance of Professional Excavation Services

Things usually take a turn for the worse the moment you decide that you won’t need professional excavation services for projects. The DIY approach won’t work here because you’ll be digging through networks of water pipes, sewer lines and power lines. Even one misstep can start a mishap if you don’t know where to dig and how to dig.

An excavation doesn’t usually happen instantly. There’s a lot of planning involved, and heavy equipment isn’t mobilized until the project is mapped out and ready. Professionals take a lot of time to carefully study the job because they know that no property and situation are alike.

Contractors must first secure the necessary permits which will allow them to work on the site. Technicians who specialize in excavation services will check in with the utility service department in order to find out where the utility lines are located and mark the locations where it’s safe to dig.

Plus, they will have to conduct site analysis such as soil analysis, etc. before breaking up the ground. Contractors will have to ensure that the ground is level and that the trenches are wide and deep enough to allow for proper installation of plumbing systems.
All those digging will generate waste materials such as soil, concrete, rocks and trees.

These objects will have to be properly disposed according to regulations, and contractors are usually the ones tasked to take care of this matter. For example, concrete, excess soil and trees may be processed at a recycling center. Hazardous materials such as asbestos will have to be disposed of in a very specific manner.

Getting the proper excavation services is paramount to a successful project. You’ll need a company that will provide a clean and safe excavation experience that will do the least amount of disruption for you and your neighboring properties. The best professional excavation services will have the right equipment to complete the job, plus the experience and knowledge to overcome any obstacle or issues along the way.

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