How Accurate Is Thermal Leak Detection and Is it Expensive?


There are many instances where you’ll need advanced equipment to detect high-moisture areas and leaks in your property. Flooding, mold growth and weather-related damages can lead to serious health concerns for you and your family.

Thermal leak detection is a specialized process that seeks out leakages in areas where extensive digging would typically be required. It’s an excellent solution that offers a high success rate without ever destroying parts of your home and property.

Thermal imaging is not a moisture meter. What it does is point out thermal anomalies that can be acted upon further. In this article we seek out the accuracy of thermal imaging and find out the costs of having one done for your residential or commercial property.

How Infrared Thermal Imaging Gives Better Results

Leaks may occur anywhere within your pipe structure, which means that it has the possibility of occurring underneath your slabs, your property of deep within the walls. A quick scan of an infrared equipment reveals the location of your pipes and where they run.

In practical applications, a homeowner may use thermal imaging to see if there are leaks running down on wall cavities, from the window or through the walls if a puddle of water is seen on a carpet.

Infrared light registers not as light but rather as heat. Special thermal imaging cameras will see light as heat and reveal it in pictures. Thermal imagers can detect moisture below the ground because of factors like thermal capacitance.

A thermal imaging camera primarily works by seeing the minutest difference in temperature along areas. It shows in contrast whether a surface has a cold or a warm temperature. A colder surface temperature is a good indication of leaks. What’s more, the equipment will reveal the exact location of the problem.

Needless to say, an infrared camera works efficiently when you need to determine whether your property has a leak that cannot be normally seen. Without it, you’ll need to do extensive manual labor in finding the leak, i.e., digging up the ground, cutting open drywalls and opening exteriors.

Thermal imaging devices are key to detecting small leaks before they develop into a huge concern. The accuracy is at 100 percent, which says a lot when compared to traditional leak detection methods.

A Valuable Tool In The Right Hands

A homeowner or a business owner saves time, money and the destruction of his or her property when they opt for thermal leak detection. There’s zero excavation work needed, which is a huge plus if you want to save money and eliminate potential problems in the long run.

Thermal leak detection should be carried out by professionals who know how to properly operate the device and interpret the data correctly. A reputable technician will use his training, experience and skills to compile evidence and come up with an accurate diagnosis and the best possible solution.

The Plumbing Doc is a top-notch company specializing in leak detection services. Their technicians are all qualified experts who can use thermal imaging equipment to its fullest extent to determine leak sources accurately. Call now to get an accurate reading of potential leaks in your home.

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