Water Softeners & Filters for Commercial Clients


Plumbing issues can cause major problems for your business. No company owners wants to shut down operations for a day or two so that their commercial plumbing and sewer system can be repaired. While many cannot be prevented, there are some plumbing issues that can be stopped before they start. Taking care of your water supply with the use of water softeners and filters can help.

Why Should I Use a Water Softener?

Water softeners can help improve the function and long-lasting durability of the applications that use water inside your commercial building. This includes water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators. It can also help your business save on detergent or soap.

A water softener does just that, it softens the water by eliminating hard minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It then replaces these minerals with potassium or sodium which are softer. Hard minerals can lead to hard water which can harm your appliances and water system over time. It will cause all plumbing fixtures to stop working and require repair or replacement due to calcium buildup. Soft water will not cause these problems, and it is also better for your skin.

The Many Benefits of Water Filtration

Installing a commercial water filtration system for your business can help you meet the needs of both your employees and your customers. It helps to guarantee that your drinking water is sourced locally so that it reduces your company’s carbon footprint. There are also several other benefits to water filtration such as:

Better Taste

When you install a water filtration system for your business, you can control what type of system is used. Many filtration systems at bottled water plants will add chemicals, such as chlorine, to the water which helps to reduce bacteria. Unfortunately, chlorine can also give bottled water an unpleasant taste.

By installing your own filtration system, you can choose to use a carbon filter that eliminates even more bacteria than traditional filters and helps your water taste much better.

Better for the Health of your Employees

By drinking clean, filtered water, your body is protected from harmful diseases. Studies show that employees who drink water constantly every day have to take fewer sick days due to colds, the flu, or a virus. By offering your employees drinking water that tastes better than bottled water, you can actually help to improve your company’s productivity.

Costs Less than Bottled Water

Bottled water can be expensive, not to mention difficult to store if you use a large water cooler inside your commercial building. By using your own filtration system, you can install one or more water fountains throughout the work area that can be more convenient and affordable than your current water cooler.

Learn More About Commercial Water Softener and Filters

Mr. Rooter in San Francisco offers many products and services for their commercial clients. They have water softeners and filtration systems available to help keep your business running efficiently and your workers happy. Contact Mr. Rooter today to learn more about how they can help resolve your company’s water issues. Their San Francisco location may be reached at 415-906-2456.

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