What Is So Special About Cured-In-Place Pipe?


Cured-in-place pipe is one of many trenchless technology repairs that can be made to faulty sewer lines. Trenchless technology is a method used to repair or replace sewer pipes without the need to excavate to reach the pipeline. As a result, trenchless technologies are much more environmentally friendly, less expensive and much quicker than traditional dig and replace methods. That is why so many plumbing services have either switched or have focused their business entirely on this repair method.

What Is The CIPP Process?

A felt tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth or any other pliable material that can be saturated in resin is the foundation of this process. The sleeve-like tube is fed into the interior of a damaged sewer pipe by pressurized water or air. This causes the sleeve to unfurl and stretch to the distance required for the completed repair.

Once this pipe liner is in place hot water or steam is used to cause the pipe to cure. The chemical reaction that results creates a solid, hard poly tube that is the new sewer pipe. It rests inside the damaged pipe for support and is a repair that does not require the host pipe to be removed.

What Is So Special About Cured In Place Pipe?

Probably the most important thing about the CIPP process is that an underground pipeline can be repaired or replaced without the need to dig up the damaged pipe. By not having to excavate a property there is minimal damage to yards, landscaping, sidewalks and anything else that could be damaged by using large pieces of heavy equipment in a yard digging a massive trench to access a sewer pipe.

Other advantages of this method of repair come from the fact that these types of repairs are quicker to complete with most of them taking less than a day to finish. Plus, many trenchless repairs can be made without disrupting water service to a home or business where the repair is being made. Also, trenchless repairs, including CIPP, are much more affordable than what traditional dig and replace methods with cost.

Are There Any More CIPP Advantages?

One of the things that cured in place pipe can do that regular pipe repairs cannot is fix a pipe that is not perfectly straight. In fact, some pipes with slight bends in them can also be repaired with CIPP. That’s because the resin saturated sleeve that is first inserted into the host pipe is completely flexible. As it filled the host pipe it will follow the bends and curves of the less-than-perfectly-straight pipe.

Cured In Place Pipe

Remember, the cured in pipe process is just one of several trenchless sewer solutions available to you when you are in need of a repair for a leaking, cracked or broken sewer or drain line. If you have problems with your sewer or drain pipes that need trenchless repairs, contact the professional plumbers at Drain Cleaning Solutions for information. Or you could make contact via email. If you prefer, you can also reach their office by phoning direct to 216-242-4301.


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