Keeping Your Business Running by Keeping Your Pipe Clean and Clear


One way to ensure you are keeping your business running is by keeping your sewer and drain pipes clean and clear. With the demands of running any kind of business, something that is not visible daily, such as underground pipes, is easy to put off or even ignore until something serious occurs. One way to avoid having an expensive sewer system repair bill is to have the system checked on a regular basis. The most logical way to do this is with a sewer pipe inspection.

What Is A Sewer Pipe Inspection?

When you contact the plumbing professionals at CME Sewer Repair, they will arrive at your business location and set up to conduct the pipe inspection. If you are thinking this will be a long-involved and extremely messy job, you are not exactly picturing this correctly. CME Sewer Repair uses what is known as trenchless technology. This is simply underground repairs that are conducted without having to dig up and replace pipes.

The pipe inspection is taken care of with a tiny camera. What the plumbers will do is dig one or two small holes in order to access the pipe connections. After they reach the connection site for your sewer line they insert the camera. What this does is allows the plumbing crew to view the inside of the sewer line without having to dig it out of the ground, which means the job is done with a trenchless approach.

What The Camera Does Inside The Pipe

With a set of eyes inside your sewer pipe with the camera the professional plumbers can now take an up close examination of the inside of it. The video is so sharp and detailed that cracks, breaks and clogs can all be easily identified within your plumbing system. With the camera inspection it is the most reliable way to diagnose a problem without actually removing the pipe and breaking it up to see the interior of it. It is because of this technology that diagnosing plumbing issues underground can be completed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your business or the property your business is located.

What Happens Next?

Should there be any obvious damage identified inside your sewer pipes the CME Sewer Repair crew will review your options with you. Cured-in-place pipe, pipe lining or even pipe bursting will be reviewed with the best solution to the problem chosen and discussed. The advantage of having a pipe inspection first is that the correct repair can be done and often completed on the same day without disruption to the water service to your business.

Keeping Your Pipe Clean And Clear

Trenchless sewer repairs do not require the removal of the sewer pipe from your property. It means that a repair can be completed without digging giant holes or trenches damaging your landscaping and yard. Trenchless sewer repairs last longer, are often quicker to complete and cost less than traditional digging and replacing methods. To find out more contact CME Sewer Repair by email or phone direct to 513-657-2958.


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