How To Find a Plumber You Can Trust


Most home dwellers are faced with day to day plumbing problems. A leaky faucet that needs repair or replacement. The kitchen sink is draining too slowly. The toilet is giving out a bad smell despite flushing several times.

The solution isn’t as simple as calling a professional plumber. It’s a matter of reliability and trust. Some plumbing companies tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

How do you know whether your chosen plumbing company isn’t taking you for a ride? How to find a plumber you can trust?

At NuFlow, we want to make it easier for you to find the right plumber. Here’s what you should be looking for:

How Long has the Plumbing Company been operating in that area

An accurate measure of a plumbing company’s worth can be made from their age. If they have survived in that locality for several years, it is reasonable to assume that are trustworthy. Their experience will speak out for them. The more the experience, the reliable and trustworthy the service. Look for companies with an experience of more than one decade.

References of Previous Customers

Talk to your neighbors and friends. Ask them for recommendations. Ask friends who have had gone through any plumbing work recently. Would they recommend a specific company? Would they warn you against a bad experience? This helps weed out the untrustworthy company. Learn from their mistakes.

Even if you are hiring a company on your own, you can look up their reviews on their Facebook page. Google reviews. You can learn a lot about a plumber just by Googling them.

Up-Front Estimate

A professional company with the right kind of professionals should be able to provide an up-front estimate of the work. The estimate itself will reflect on their reliability. A lump sum estimate is indicative of disorganized practices and inadequate attention to detail. If the company is really professional, the estimate will have a break-up between material costs and labor charges. Itemized materials cost breakup is easily verifiable from the local hardware stores.

Permits and License

Before you go about hiring a plumber, ask him whether he has the permit and license to operate. Every plumbing company and plumber is required by the law to get permits before he starts working commercially. Certified plumbers would be happy to show you their credentials.

Liability Insurance

A truly professional company always ensures that its workers are insured against accidents, injury and even death.

We advise you to ask the plumbing company for their operating license and workers’ insurance policy. This way you can avoid embarrassment and liabilities of injury that may occur in your home. Alternatively, in their offer, the plumbing company should absolve the client of any liability of injury to workers and damage to equipment.

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If you have more questions on how to find a plumber you can trust, give us a call. NuFlow has been offering plumbing services for over 30 years. Our plumbers come with a lot of recommendations and experience.


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