Don’t Let Your Sump Pump Take A Dump; Get Yours Repaired Today


Flash flooding is not uncommon in and around Montgomery, Alabama. One such example is the neighborhoods that were under water in June 2017 following the heavy rain of a slow moving storm.

It’s times like these when it really is good to know that your basement sump pump is operating properly. You do know whether or not your sump pump is operating properly, don’t you? It’s good if you don’t let your sump pump take a dump by getting yours repaired today because waiting for the next time your basement floods could be just a little too late.

But how do you know yours is actually working to capacity?

Get Your Sump Pump Repaired

All you have to do is contact the plumbing experts at Cole Plumbing. Because of the regularity of flash flooding in the area, Cole Plumbing has made an effort to develop an actual department that focuses on the servicing of sump pumps. In other words, these guys are the experts on this kind of apparatus so you should just get them to take a look at yours before it is in need of serious repairs or replacement.

Do you know whether or not your sump pump is the proper type for your basement? As it turns out, there are two different kinds of sump pumps and you should have yours inspected to ensure that it is the right one for the job. If you have recently purchased property in the Montgomery region and the home contains a sump pump system, give the crew at Cole Plumbing a call to service it. With proper servicing of your sump pump system you will know it will be ready to perform when you need it.

Sump pumps generally have a lifespan of ten years so if yours is newer than that, you should be fine but it never hurts to have a professional plumber service it just the same to make sure all parts are functioning properly. If you hear any unusual noises that come from your pump when you turn it on, you could have the start of a serious problem. Trying to fix it yourself is not always the best option and that is why we suggest having a professional take a look.

Even though a sump pump can last ten years it does not mean each one will. For example, if the one you have installed is too small to properly remove the volume of water that collects in your basement you will be wearing it down quicker. This is another reason to have a professional at least inspect the sump pump you are using and offer advice on how to improve your system, should there be any issues.

When you need to have a sump pump serviced or repaired, put your trust in an expert who knows the workings of such equipment. Turn to the professional plumbers at Cole Plumbing for all your sump pump and plumbing repairs. For more information, or to book an appointment with Cole Plumbing, you can call them direct at 334-721-8311.


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