Benefits of Pipe Boring


If you want to install your utility service pipe with minimum disturbance to surface facilities, your plumber will most likely recommend Pipe Boring. Also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Pipe boring uses heavy directional drilling equipment to literally push the pipe horizontally below the ground.

Pipe Boring is best when pipes must be laid to cross roads, paved areas, lawns, rivers and buildings and messy excavations are to be avoided. The benefits of pipe boring make it a popular choice in such cases.

Many companies go with pipe boring for a variety of pipes. These include pipes for water lines, gas lines, sewage, conduits for telecom and electric power cables. This doesn’t require having to excavate the road, paved area or soil along the route of the proposed service.

Benefits of Pipe Boring

With Pipe Boring, you can avail the following benefits:

Least Disturbance to Surface facilities

Minimal or zero disturbance to surface facilities. The greatest benefit of pipe boring is that it offers the least disturbance. There is no excavation of the road, paved area or lawn across the intended pipe.

Thus, we maintain the aesthetics of the surface facilities.  No backfilling and coating of roads with bitumen again. No replanting laws. No re-tiling of pavements or patios.

Minimal Disturbance to ongoing operations

Where excavation of the surface would interrupt essential surface operations the horizontal directional drilling offers the greatest advantage.  This is especially beneficial for busy roads, hospital paved areas, airport tarmacs or golf course. One cannot tolerate traffic and movement disturbance on such roads.

Time Efficient

There’s no surface excavation involved in pipe boring. This saves time to backfill and restore the road, lawn or paved area.

Cost Effective

In pipe boring, we only use one machine- The Directional Driller. Compare this with an open-cut excavation. Open-cut excavation requires heavy rentals of earth excavating, back filling and excess earth disposal machines. You save money on labor cost also as pipe boring is less labor intensive.  

Considerably Lower Soil Contamination

Essentially the horizontal boring method pushes the displaced soil to the sides and consequently, very little soil comes to the surface.  Sub-surface soil carries a lot of contamination in the form of bacteria generated by decomposing organic matter. Spills of oils which have penetrated the soil are also carried with the soil in an open-cut excavation. All these hazards to human life are avoided by the horizontal boring technique.

Hence the contamination of the environment by the displaced soil is significantly reduced.

Contractor’s Time-Saving in terms of Permit Issuance

Public utility works are generally very carefully monitored by the local town administration authorities.  This necessitates the issuance of work permits to the contractor/s executing the job.  Open excavation carries a greater risk to underground utility services. This makes issuance and monitoring of permits more difficult and time-consuming for the contractor. Issuance of permits to boring contractors is relatively simpler and time efficient.


Since the installation technique in horizontal boring utilizes pressurized fluid for drilling the pipes for the various utility services are thicker. Hence the life of the pipe is longer and subsequently, we ensure the durability of the pipe.

If you are looking to avail all the benefits of Pipe Boring, Pipe Shark is the company for you. They have been providing pipe boring services for over two decades.

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