Will Winterizing and De-Winterizing Help Me Save Money During the Seasons?


Winterizing a home involves a number of procedures aimed at preparing the house the winter period. This is especially needful when the house is to be vacant during the holidays. Even if you are not vacating your house, winterizing can still be of benefit especially for your heating system.

The impact of the temperature extremes (freezing temperature) can be devastating as frozen water expands, producing pressure in your pipes and causing damage. Yes, winterizing your house comes at a cost, albeit, inexpensive.  

Leaving the property at the mercy of the weather can also lead to damages that can gulp in lots of money. So, is there any economic benefit in winterizing and de-winterizing during and after the winter season? In simpler terms, can it save you some money during the season?

Benefits of Winterizing Your Plumbing System

Below are some benefits of winterizing your plumbing system and how it can help you to save some money.

Eliminates frozen water in pipes

It eliminates the possibility of water freezing in your pipes and exerting pressure. This also prevents the possibility of the pipe bursting and needing repairs.

Reduces energy consumption

Winterizing also reduces the energy need of your house. The heating system will only be required to keep the temperature above freezing point and should be turned down. Also, electric supply to water system pump, water heater or gas supply to water heater may need to be shut off completely. This will significantly reduce energy bill and ultimately save you some money.

Protects against other plumbing issues

It also protects you from the other problems that will result from damaged plumbing system such as a decrease in the value of your property as well as health hazards that may result from molds and fungi growth.

Closing up your home for the winter shouldn’t be a big deal. Proper winterizing and de-winterizing of your plumbing systems during the season will protect your home. The cost of doing it will eventually be less than the cost of repairing the damages extreme temperature conditions can cause. All in all, it will save you some money to winterize and de-winterize your house as the season demands.

Need Winterizing or De-Winterizing?

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