Storm Drain Repairing Is a Non-Invasive, Cost Effective Method of Repairing Broken Storm Drain Pipes


During the last Thunderstorm or heavy rainstorm you experienced, did your street flood? Was water backed up in front of your house? A backed up storm drain can cause flooding during heavy rains. If you are experiencing something similar to the aforementioned situation, your storm drain could use a cleaning.

What is the Storm Drain?

Your storm drain is the pipe that runs beneath the street and the edge of your property. It collects excess rain water and whatever else is on the street and directs it to the sewer. During dry periods, it is easy to forget you even have a storm drain.

Take a look outside and see what is on the street. There is probably piles of leaves, sticks, trash, and maybe some old garbage from a careless garbageman. Everything you see on the street will eventually run through your storm drain. With so much potential for blockages, you can easily imagine what’s preventing all that water from draining correctly.

Keep a Clean Storm Drain

It should also be noted that your storm drain and sewer line ends up in the same location. During periods of heavy rains, the sewers become inundated with stormwater runoff. What this does is flood the municipal wastewater treatment plant. In order to prevent serious damage and a release of the heaviest of waste, the treatment plant essentially turns off. This allows all of the stormwater and wastewater alongside it, to drain into the Rivers and Oceans without treatment.

Keeping your storm drain clean and in good working order will help alleviate wastewater emergencies. It also increases property values and protects your home from damage and polluted waterways.

Non-Invasive Storm Drain Repairing

Because your storm drain is located beneath the street, getting to any problems can prove to be a tricky situation. Most companies would recommend a complete excavation. This method involves tearing up the road, asphalt and all. It requires the use of heavy machinery and will prevent traffic for a certain amount of time. It is also time consuming and expensive, not to mention messy.

Lucky for you, there is a better and more efficient method.

Trenchless Repair

It does not involve any excavation and actually leaves your storm drain in place. The first step of the process involves cleaning out the old pipe with high pressure water. This tool pulverizes any branches or garbage that are blocking the storm drain. By cleaning out the old drain, it allows for repairs to be done.

Instead of having to tear out the old pipes, the Trenchless Method creates a new pipe inside the old. By inserting an impermeable liner, the pipe is sealed and made into a brand new structure. Think of the process like a deflated balloon, it is then inflated and affixed to the interior walls.

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