How Much Does the Average Septic Repair Cost?


A septic tank is an underground system of the network of pipes and other components through which organic waste flow for primary treatment. It is a watertight chamber made of concrete, PVC or plastic and fiberglass. It is used in rural areas that do not have access to municipal sewer services.

Septic Tank Repair

Septic tanks can develop faults due to one reason or the other. It could either be because of clogging or a fault in the pipe system. Clogging could be caused by hardening of debris along the pipe system of the septic tank or presence of large particle such accumulated papers flushed down through the toilet. The odoriferous smell that a waft from a damaged septic is poisonous to those living within it. When it is detected that a septic tank has developed a fault, endeavor to have it repaired.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of Septic tank repair can be precise influenced by certain factors such as the location of the septic tank below the ground, the makeup of the septic tank, materials and labor. Cost of repair is cheaper if the septic tank is situated on the slope of the ground than if it is lying far below the ground. This is because it will require extra effort to dig up the septic tank.

Cost of septic tank repair also varies from place to place. Repair of a septic tank in winter regions is more expensive as sophisticated tools will be used to fix the problem than in mild areas where normal tools are used. The cost of septic tank repair will be between $641 and $2,353. Cost of septic tank repair also depends on the nature or type of repair.

Pipe damage: Pipes convey organic wastes from household into the drain field of the septic tank. This pipe may get ruptured by an intrusion of tree roots. The cost of repair is directly proportional to the degree of damage. Cost of fixing is within $1,497.

Drain field: It is the segment of the septic tank that conveys waste water back to the soil. Repair of drain field failure costs between $7,200 and $20,000 on average.

Baffle: This is the part of the septic tank that hinders buildup of grimes at the inlet and outlet of the pipes connected to the tank. Cost of repair ranges within the price of $300-$500.

Tank lid: It is a vital part of the septic tank as it is used to cover the septic tank. Replacement of a damaged septic tank lid ranges within $30 – $70. Cost increases if the lid is concrete.

Coping with septic tank problems is not easy. Therefore homeowners should see the need to take care of their septic tanks and repair a faulty septic tank before it deteriorates further.

Professional Septic Tank Repair

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