Cleaning Sewer Blockage Valley Village, CA


A clogged sewer line can cause many issues for your household. You may start to notice that the drains in your bathroom or kitchen are not working as they should. The water may appear dingy and not as clear as it once was. There could be a loud gurgling noise whenever the toilet is flushed, or you may even notice a foul smell in your home that won’t go away.

While those common sewer blockage incidents are bad enough to deal with, six families living in Agoura in 2007 witnessed a sewage nightmare that could top any minor clogged drain or temporary odor when an estimated 43,000 gallons of raw sewage backed up through their toilets and tubs.

A Massive 2007 Sewer Blockage Took Over Six Weeks to Repair

“What a nightmare” a resident of Agoura Hills exclaimed to The Acorn Newspaper after the sewer blockage wreaked havoc inside their home. There were six single-story townhouses affected by the spill that forced families to vacate the premises.

Fortunately, the county paid for the cleanup costs, but they refused to compensate and relocate the homeowners. Instead, they requested that the residents pay for accommodations at a nearby hotel for six weeks.

Some of the families decided to return to their homes a few days after the incident with no appliances connected and the bottom two feet of drywall completely removed from downstairs. Their furniture and personal items were all stacked in the center of each room to help prevent them from further damage.

The exact cause of the sewer blockage was not determined at the time. A representative for the county department of public works believed that the cause was due to clogged pipes. It was also mentioned that the townhouses were built in the 1970s and didn’t have back-flow valves installed.

Don’t Let Sewer Blockage Cause Your Home to Be in the Headlines

While most homeowners usually don’t face the severe consequences as the families in this news story, it is still a good idea to have your sewer lines cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

By getting in touch with expert plumbers, you can help ensure that you will not experience problems with a backed-up sewer system. 


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