Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining


Sewer pipe repairing is one of the messiest, most impractical, and more expensive plumbing methods there are. From having to dig a trench to reach the damaged pipe, to having to wait days to see it complete, traditional pipe repairing needs something better.

Luckily, Oklahoma has a better option now. It involves virtually no digging at all, the whole pipe replacement is done in a few hours and it costs a fraction of the traditional method.

What is it? Trenchless sewer pipe lining.

What are the advantages of using trenchless sewer pipe lining?

We’ve already talked about how this new method is cheaper, cleaner and easier than traditional methods. But we’re going to spend some time talking about these benefits in detail.

The job gets done in less time.

With the traditional method of replacing or repairing sewer pipes it can take weeks to complete one request from a customer. This is because the workers have to dig the whole length of the pipe in order to inspect it. They cannot know what is underneath the ground unless they dig.

With the trenchless technology method, not only is it faster to inspect but the digging is minimized to only certain spots. The workers only need to access an entry point and an exit point to the sewer. That means it is easier to put the soil back when it is done without destroying major parts of the vicinity.

The cost is less.

Paying for traditional dig and replace service can seem inexpensive at first but once the digging starts, the customer will begin to realize he’ll have to replace that broken fountain or that broken bench or that damaged pathway. Replacing damaged parts of the property because of the digging requires paying for construction supplies and workers. In the long run, the seemingly “inexpensive payment” piles up.

With trenchless technology, though, it may initially look like spending a lot but in the end there’s no maintenance to be paid for any damaged property or even weeks of waiting for the sewer pipes to get fixed.

There is no mess left behind.

The traditional way of replacing and repairing pipes has always been messy because of the digging and big machines like backhoes that have to be used to complete the job. With trenchless technology, only a small patch of ground will be dug, wide enough for an entry point and an exit point for the machine.

Drain Cleaning

Usually, the cause of clogging can be because of accumulated dirt, hair, or grease in the drainpipes. The right drain cleaning service helps customers clear their pipes easily.

Sewer Camera Inspection

With a good sewer camera inspection service, discovering specific repair or maintenance needs of a sewer pipe and drain becomes more convenient. Through this service, the customers can decide what to do next – either to proceed with repair or just leave it as it is if the pipe can still stand a few more years.

What exactly is sewer pipe lining?

Sewer pipe lining is a new and modern way of adding extra layer to an old, corroded, or damaged pipe. Epoxy is used to line the insides of a pipe. The old pipe serves as the host if it is still in good condition and the pipe damage is not too wide to cover with epoxy. When the epoxy lining is in place, it hardens and becomes a hard shell inside the old pipe, thus, creating a “new pipe” from inside.


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