The 5 Things to Look For in a Trenchless Sewer Repair Service


You may not think of it but your plumbing and pipes are the most heavily used parts of your house. Choosing the right repair service is an important decision that demands proper investigation.

That is why we want to show you the top 5 things to look for when choosing the right repair service.

Shop Local. Trust Local.

Using a service in Indianapolis, where your property is located, will have the most successful outcome. By staying local, it will ensure the proper work is done right: local guys have seen it before.

The pipes in your house are the same relative age as others in town and the local service will know how to repair them, having been around these pipes for decades. Local repair services have already seen it all, ensuring your house is well taken care of.

Have an Eye Out for Professional Work

Your pipes may be doing the dirty work but that is no excuse for your plumber not to take their job seriously. Plumbing is complicated hard work that requires a skillful laborer and who you choose needs to reflect this.

Visit the office and headquarters of the company that will be conducting the trenchless sewer repair service. Make sure all their technology is up to date (new computers, high speed wifi, etc.). How a company treats the tools used for the job will say a lot about how they treat your property.

Knowledge of Municipality Laws

No one is saying your plumber needs to double as a property rights attorney but understanding the legal framework of the town you live in is important. Each town is different and it alleviates many headaches if you hire professionals who can navigate local government bureaucracy.

You can do a quick Google search or even check your town’s website for wastewater regulations. This is useful when you are meeting with the potential contractor. Feel free to ask how well they understand the law.

On Time Delivering

Too bad we can’t choose our cable provider based on this characteristic but hiring a company who values your time is important. Showing up to the estimate on time and even answering your phone calls are all good signs.

If your repair service cannot show up to appointments on time, how can you trust them to complete your repairs on time? Unless you want to be using a port-a-potty for far too long, go with the people who exhibit punctuality.

Experienced With the Process.

Trenchless sewer repair is the new kid on the block in regards to plumbing fixes. The technology is relatively new and some companies may not be experienced with the process.

Ask as many questions as possible when searching for a service. Asking for references is completely acceptable and reputable companies will have plenty of satisfied customers.

Your plumbing will break and when it does repairing it is a priority. Finding the right service that you can trust is probably the most important investment you can make. The right choice will be highly professional, locally informed, and have years of experience. Make the right choice and protect your plumbing!

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