Sewer Pipes, Drain Cleaning, and Your Backyard


Everyone wants to be proud of their yard but most people only consider what can be seen, not taking into consideration the importance of what lies beneath and the negative impact it can have on all their picturesque landscaping!  Sewer pipe and drain maintenance is an essential component to a yard that falls nothing short of breathtaking.

A reliable plumbing service takes care of this and ensures that people have nothing to worry about.  The benefits will be evident on those hot, sunny Florida days lounging in the backyard.

Know Your Pipes

Most people are probably aware of the signs of a sewer system issue within the home, such as a running or leaking toilet, drain backups, and foul odors.  But there are tell-tale signs in the yard that should send up a red flag regarding the sewer pipes and drains.

First and foremost, it is important for people to know where the pipes run in their yard.  This can be found out by simply questioning the home’s previous owner or even a neighbor, or by a visit to the municipal office to obtain the zoning and building information for the area.  Locating the main drain pipe coming from the home will give a good idea as to where the pipe runs in the yard.

What to look for

There are many things to look for in the yard when it comes to sewer pipe issues.  A noticeably brighter and greener section of grass can indicate a leaking pipe below as sewage feeds the earth with nutrients causing it to be more fertile.  

A dip or even a sinkhole in the yard is a more serious problem as it suggests that the pipes below are damaged and have gone without repair for quite some time, causing the earth to collapse from saturation.  If there is a puddle or extra wet area of lawn it usually means that the issue with the sewer is directly below that area.  

Yard drains can also clog and become backed up and these require regular cleaning.  A good plumber that is trained and experienced in all these areas and will have the yard back to looking its best in no time.

Drain Cleaning

Keeping drains clean and free of debris plays a huge role in the maintenance of sewer pipes.  While many people use chemical drain cleaners, there are much more efficient and environmentally friendly techniques. Chemical cleaners will break down the clogs and clear drains but over time they can damage older pipes with corrosion due to chemical reactions.  

With the rate of sewer problems in Florida caused by cast iron pipes reaching their life-span (25-35 years), it is recommended to avoid chemicals and call a professional to come clean the drains the smart way.  They will inspect the drains, determine the problem, and then flush them using high-powered water streams called Hydro Jetting which will clear the pipes while keeping the pipes intact and unharmed.


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