Repairing Your Drain In Junction City, KS

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With 138 gallons of water used per capita daily in 2015, Junction City is far from being the biggest water user in the State of Kansas. But the twenty-five thousand people who live in Junction City’s nine thousand households still have the same expectations from their water supply as any American has—the water should come out of the plumbing when they need it, and it should go down the drains when they’re done with it.

When something goes wrong with the former, people can usually blame the water supplier. For issues with the latter, however, they usually have themselves to blame.

What Causes Drain Damage in Junction City, KS?

According to the City of Junction City 2016 Consumer Confidence Report, the water supply in Junction City has the alkaline and pH properties that shouldn’t facilitate pipe corrosion and drain damage. The water in Junction City is neither too soft nor too acidic, so you can’t blame the issues with your drains and drain pipes on the water itself.

Instead, you should think about your own actions that can lead to clogged and damaged drains.

Do you spill grease into your drains?

Do you allow your hair to get into the drains when showering?

Do you throw hygiene products in the toilet?

While clogs will occasionally happen, the way you try to deal with them can greatly affect the integrity of your drains and drain pipes. The really strong drain cleaning chemicals people throw into their drains to dissolve clogs cause chemical reactions which emit heat. That heat can soften and damage plastic pipes. Chemical can also increase acidity which can cause corrosion of metal pipes. It gets even worse if these chemicals don’t resolve the clog – in that case, they just sit there is the drain pipes and slowly damage them.

How to Prevent and Repair Drain Damage

Maintenance is the best way of preventing drain damage from happening. For people living in Junction City and the surrounding area, calling Smith Plumbing is a good start. The company uses hydro jetting: high-pressure blasting of water into the drain – to remove any buildup from the drain pipes.

This method doesn’t corrode pipes or causes mechanical damage the same way a drain snake can, but it should be performed only by trained professionals from Smith Plumbing because it can cause pipes to burst if not performed correctly.

In case there’s reason to suspect the drain pipes are damaged, or if there’s reason to believe that the blockage is in the sewers and not the drain pipes, Smith Plumbing will first perform an inspection of the pipes using a camera.

If they find that your pipes are not only blocked but also damaged, they can use pipe lining technology to repair it without having to dig through your property to access the pipe. This saves time and money, and it’s the most convenient way for citizens of Junction City to have their drain pipes repaired.

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