Hydro Jetting Your Sewer Pipe to Keep Things Flowing


Here in Northridge, maintaining your sewer lines is crucial to having a happy and healthy lifestyle. Clogged pipes and liquid backups are what nightmares are made of. Find a plumber that has the experience, tools, and know-how to keep your pipes flowing. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Regularly cleaning out the sewer drains is extremely important and not only that, it’s easy too!

There are a couple of different ways to go about cleaning your sewer pipe. Both methods will work but only one is the best and most efficient.


Augers (or plumbing snakes) are the most common method of cleaning clogged pipes. This tool consists of a long wire with a coiled metal end. It is pushed down the pipe until it reaches the clog and the blockage is broken up through friction.

“Labor-intensive,” “smelly,” “unsanitary,” and “very frustrating” are all adjectives that describe the plumbing snake. While it may work short term, a single wire poking at whatever is in your pipes will eventually stop fixing the problem.

Hydro Jetting

Without sounding too hyperbolic, hydro jetting is the fastest and most powerful way to clean your pipes. The apparatus consists of a long wire, similar to an auger, but the head shoots jets of water in all directions. The water leaving the head creates a spinning motion, jetting a powerful spray in a 360 degree arc through your pipes.

Once the water pressure is performing at its peak, it actually pulls the nozzle forward through your pipes, requiring less labor than a plumbing snake. The velocity of the water cleans any and all debris from inside your sewer drains, pulverizing objects in its way. Grease, mineral build-up, hair, and even roots will be destroyed by the incredible water pressure. Hydro jetting is the best procedure for cleaning your sewer pipes for one reason: it works!

Using a Cleanout

Cleanouts are access points to the main sewer lines. Essentially doors, plumbers will open the cleanout in order to access the plumbing and begin hydro jetting cleaning. In private residences, these cleanouts are located on the main vertical pipe, usually in a crawlspace or basement.

We always do our homework

Because hydro jetting is so powerful, it is important your pipes are strong enough to hold up under the intense cleaning. A camera is inserted into the pipe, along with a light source, to record what the pipes look like. Things we are looking for are cracked pipes, leaks; even roots can find their way into the plumbing.

A reliable service will offer free consultation with a camera before performing hydro jetting. They should also be able to use gentler techniques to clean if your pipes cannot hold up to the process.

Hydro-jetting will most definitely clean out your pipes after being clogged, there really isn’t anything too large that will withstand it. But why wait for your property to become flooded with the undesirables of the sewer? Preemptively clean and maintain your pipes, give yourself peace of mind and protect your investment. 

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