Epoxy Resin Liners for Sewer Pipe Repair


Epoxy resin liner is a type of sewer repair that stops or repairs hidden leaks that make you lose money and causes property damage and headaches for Texans.

Look no further for ASTM certified technicians that specialize in epoxy resin liner: an innovative tool used in a 21st century sewer pipe repair technique that’s going to keep life stable should your residence or your business ever be in need of sewer pipe repair.

Texas is the Lone Star state where everything is BIG, and trenchless plumbing techniques give you BIG savings in time and money. This tool is the backbone of trenchless technology and we can repair any sewer pipe using our epoxy resin liner.

Trenchless technology is a gift to underground infrastructure because it uses minimal disruption to property, surfaces, traffic, businesses, and residents. In other words, minimal disruption of your life and stress levels.

Perma-liner beats the pants off traditional technology using the outdated digging and repairing, and the hard labor method of displacement and destruction of the earth and your stress levels.

What Does the Epoxy Resin Liner Do?

The process of epoxy resin liner works by coating a flexible tube with a special substance which is blown carefully into the damaged pipe. The resin then molds as it seals and repairs the sewer line inside the pipe, which results in a water resistant and permanent sewer fix.

This noninvasive pipe technique enables ASTM certified technicians to make sewer and water line repairs with the least amount of disturbance to streets, sidewalks, and landscaping or tourists who bring lots of money in.

A robot controlled device can cure in place entire sections that are new within the damaged line via small entry points. Think of it as a precise type of surgery for your property.  

According to Chron.com, Texas is a leading state for the hotel construction industry. As Texas gets bigger with more tourists so does the demand on everyone’s sewer pipes.

Texas chili isn’t the only thing that has a “kicker” because both older and newer pipes are subject to problems with corrosion and root invasion.

Typically with older pipes, they corrode or break because underground roots are seeking easy access water sources. These roots invade the pipes through spots that are rotten or broken, and once the wastewater and solid materials connect, it causes the tree roots to grow like wildfires (no pun intended).

Newer PVC sewer pipes are vulnerable to root invasion in weaker spots where joints connect to pipes. With the tourist boom in states like Texas, sewer pipe problems are inevitable occurrences.

If you suspect or have confirmation that you need pipe repair it’s better to be proactive or take action as soon as a sewer pipe problem occurs.

Get in touch with Sewer Co and schedule an appointment. They can provide your residence or your business 21st-century trenchless plumbing services using the epoxy resin liner for sewer pipe repair tool.

Call us today, we are looking forward to hearing from you.




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