Drain Pipe Inspection in Pittsburgh


In the past few months, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has been facing its fair share of controversies. High levels of lead being reported in the drinking water is not a fun problem for residents to have to deal with. A significant financial investment is expected to be the only fix for this growing issue.

But what is the root of this issue?

A repeated neglect of investing in the water systems of the city. Federal funding for water has declined for decades. The outcome has unfortunately led to even more costs to fix the problems compared to the costs that it could have been to maintain them, preventing the problems from arising.

So, what can the residents and business owners of Pittsburgh learn from this situation?

Well, the lesson is simple. It pays to give maintenance to your sewage systems. By staying on top of the conditions of your drainage systems, you could save yourself a lot of money and stress in the long run. Instead of being reactive to a sewage emergency, be proactive to ensure that your pipes are in good condition not just for the present, but the future as well.

The Need for Great Plumbing Diagnostic Tools

We probably have you wondering how you can be proactive when it comes to checking your drains and pipes. The good news is that it’s simple – get a drain pipe inspection done!

Drain Pipe Inspection

What is a drain pipe inspection? It’s the review of your pipelines by a professional company that evaluates the current condition of your pipes. While this task can be performed by any individual, the most accurate evaluations will be delivered by a professional.

A drain pipe inspection can be done with a sewer camera, which is a long pipeline snake with a camera on the tip. This built-in camera allows professionals to not only get an up-close look at the pipes without any invasive procedures, but also allows a look at an extended length that reaches much farther than the typical homeowner could view on their own.

Typically, plumbers are only called after signs of an issue, including blockages, backups or overflowing. This could call for a drain pipe inspection to find the issue and a permanent solution.

Other reasons for drain pipe inspections could be an expansion. The inspection would evaluate the pipes and determine if they are in good enough condition to add additional water flow to the already existing one.

Regardless of the standard reasons for a drain pipe inspection, always keep in mind that there doesn’t have to be a preexisting reason to get the inspection.  If you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Pittsburgh area and you want to be proactive with your sewage conditions, make sure to choose a credible plumbing and pipe lining service. Don’t wait for a clogged sink, a backed-up tub or another sewage emergency to occur. Save money and stress by being proactive.

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