What to Do When You Have a Broken Sewer Line in Sherman Oaks, CA


A broken sewer line can be not only stressful but also hazardous to your family. Having wastewater leaking out to the open, which can be full of bacteria, is not a pleasant experience.

One problem people who live in Sherman Oaks have is that it is considered a seismic zone. Back in 1994, many buildings got severely damaged after an earthquake hit Northridge. Every day all the Sherman Oaks area gets struck by many small earthquakes, and even though they are almost imperceptible, they can cause the underground soil to shift or compact.

When this happens, sewer lines can lose their support and bend, causing cracks or bursting the line. What makes matters worse is that there are an enormous number of sewer pipes that are decades old and never been inspected, so they can easily fail after having tons of soil on top of them for many years.  

The Risk of a Damaged Sewer Line

You might recall the sinkhole that swallowed a couple of cars not long ago in Studio City. In February 2017, a sewer pipe that was over 80 years old and had eroded away finally broke, and a significant amount of soil between the top of the pipe and the street fell into it, causing the asphalt above to collapse.

It took months to get this repaired, and it shows you how big of a mess a broken sewer line can create.

Don’t Let it Happen to You

You need to be aware of any warning signs that could indicate problems with your sewer. If you notice water backing up from your toilet, or standing water in your shower, there could be a clog in the line.

A basement that has a rotten sewage smell is a good indicator that there is a failure in the sewer line at some point. But if you notice water surrounding any waste stack pipes or puddles in the yard near sewer pipes, you might have a damaged line which needs to be repaired.

Fortunately, you no longer have to dig up your yard and destroy your driveway to take out the old sewer line and get it changed. If you need a sewer line repair in the Sherman Oaks, CA area, get in touch with Angel Plumbers.

After they inspect your line and identify the problem, you might be able to solve it using what they call a trenchless pipe lining. Simply put, what they do is make a small access hole at the end of the pipeline and use a special tool that coats the pipes from the inside with an epoxy mix. Once it cures and hardens, it creates a pipe within the pipe, effectively covering any cracks and replacing broken pieces.

This liner will last well over 50 years, and the whole process takes less than a day to get done. You can go to work in the morning and come back for dinner knowing that your sewer line problems have been resolved. And best of all, this process costs thousands of dollars less than having to dig out your pipes.

If you suspect any trouble with your sewer line, contact Angel Plumbers at 310-857-6800 and schedule an appointment with one of their experienced and highly trained personnel. Better safe than sorry!

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