What is Epoxy Pipe Lining and Why It Works

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There are several ways to repair a break in a sewer pipe and with trenchless technology, it is less messy, less costly and less time consuming. When it comes to sewer repairs, it is hard to believe that such a job can be less of a mess than digging up a pipe line.

However, as the term trenchless indicates, there is no need to dig up your yard or property anymore in order to fix a broken or leaking pipe. Besides, digging a trench in your yard leaves behind a huge scar that can take years to go away completely.

The only digging that will be required is a small hole, no more than 4-feet square, to access one connection of the sewer lateral. This allows the plumbers at NuFlow Phoenix to insert their tiny video camera system.

This is how they conduct an inspection of your sewer line – from within the pipe instead of digging it all up to inspect it from the outside. The closed-circuit system helps Nu Flow plumbers to identify the precise cause of the leak and to pinpoint exactly where it is.

Before any repair work can start, the lateral is cleaned with pressurized water. This will remove a lot of grime, dirt, the build up of organic material and small tree roots that may have entered into the line.

The cleaning also flushes the pipe so it is easier to observe damage from inside. Once the pipe has been thoroughly cleaned another camera inspection is conducted. This is when the plumbers at NuFlow verify the cause and location of damage within the pipe.

Once measurements are recorded, they will prepare an epoxy pipe liner. Using what is known as a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) an epoxy coated sleeve-like liner is fed into the pipe with pressurized air. This pushes it into the inside of the damaged pipe. Using hot water or steam, the new liner is cured in place becoming a brand new pipe inside a pipe. In other words, the broken or leaking pipe becomes a host to hold a new internal pipe liner.

A Better Way to Repair a Broken Pipe

The entire process takes far less time than pulling out the damaged pipe and replacing it with a completely new pipe. Plus, the CIPP liner is going to last much longer than any other kind of replacement – between 50 and 100 years – which saves you money on additional sewer repairs. Also, the CIPP liner is far less expensive than traditional pipe replacement or repair options. Less time equals less cost and gets your system back in operation much faster as a result.

For more information on epoxy pipe lining in Tempe and the surrounding area, contact the professional plumbers at NuFlow Phoenix. They use trenchless technologies to repair sewer and water lines in both residential and commercial applications. Find out how this environmentally-friendly option can be the answer to your leaking or broken pipe. Call to schedule a video inspection of your sewer and water lines by calling 480-257-8552 today.

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