Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Under a Concrete Slab

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If you’ve been told that your house has to be excavated to replace your old pipes you are probably in full on panic mode and figuring there are no other options out there.

Don’t be fooled by this old school technique. There are plumbers who do want to dig up your whole house for three weeks to replace pipes because they can charge an exorbitant amount of money. But that leaves you inconvenienced and with today’s technology it just is not necessary.

You may have some questions and we’ll answer them for you.

How does trenchless pipe relining work?

This technology has actually been around for a lot longer than you may realize. Today’s technology is constantly evolving but this innovative option has been around for 15 years. It came from Japan and Europe where they wanted to save structures that were thousands of years old.

I don’t want to stop my daily life to dig up a concrete slab, what do I do?

Residential trenchless pipe relining of your drains only takes a few hours and comes with a 50 year warranty. All the work is done outside the house making the inconvenience little to none! No digging has to occur to take care of the problem.

Why do plumbers still suggest doing this if there is an easier way that will benefit me?

It may seem so simple to suggest trenchless pipe repair, and it is. But the reason plumber’s may not suggest it at first is because plumbers keep all the money. Digging up a huge house will cost much more money than relining the pipes without digging. There may be excuses made but if you do your research then you can prevent the extra cost and inconvenience.

What other disadvantages are there to excavating concrete slabs?

Nobody wants to leave their home due to damage. You might want to go on vacation, visit friends or family, but you definitely don’t want to be forced to pack a suitcase due to a leaky sewer.

While you’re gone there would be mountains of sand, dirt, saws cutting through pipes, and it’s impossible to clean it up. Trenchless pipe lining saves the walls from being opened and repaired, not to mention the destruction of the rooms in your home.

How to Repair a Sewer Line That is Under a Concrete Slab

Now that you know how to repair a sewer line under a concrete slab and that it isn’t as inconvenient or as awful as you thought you can check out your local plumbers at Environmental Pipe Cleaning. They want to help you live in a better home even when you have the unpleasant issue of a leaky pipe or broken sewer line.

Environmental Pipe specializes in pipe cleaning, repairs, replacements, camera inspections, and most importantly they offer the best trenchless pipe repair. This is a big promise but it is a promise that Environmental Pipe guarantees. If you are experiencing the unfortunate issue of a broken or leaking pipe or you want to do preventative maintenance then Environmental Pipe can help you.

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