Trenchless Pipe Repair Services in Naperville IL


It was back in September 2011 when plans were announced that a sewer project was going to begin in Naperville. The actual project was for sanitary sewer and manhole rehabilitation for a section of the city along Raymond Drive between McDowell Road and Redfield Road.

The six week long job was approved by the City of Naperville Department of Public Utilities-Water (DPU-W). Officials stated at the time that the project was going to assist with the transfer of waste water from the City of Warrenville and part of Naperville to a high volume pumping station located on River Road.

What made the sewer rehabilitation project interesting is that it employed trenchless technology and it was referred to as being an ‘innovative’ method of repair. The DPU-W project utilized cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liners for the repair work.

The concept was considered relatively new at the time of this rehabilitation and was amazing in that it could add an additional 50 to 100 years to the life of the sanitary sewer system that received the CIPP liners.

Pipe Repairing Alternative Methods

Where this story gets really interesting is that CIPP trenchless pipe repairs in Naperville are not restricted to municipal projects. American Trenchless can use trenchless technology in repairing leaking or broken pipes in both residential and commercial applications and have been for several years. This means that the ‘innovative’ method of repair used in 2011 on a Naperville DPU-W project can also be used to fix your sewer and water issues.

The professional plumbers at American Trenchless will conduct a video pipe inspection of your pipes to properly diagnose the problem. They do this by digging a hole to the connection end of your sewer lateral and inserting a tiny video camera. The camera allows for an inspection from directly inside the pipe.

This replaces the need to dig up pipes in order to locate a problem. After the pipe is inspected, it is cleaned with pressurized water and inspected again by video to measure for the proper sizing of the replacement liner.

A fiberglass sleeve-like liner coated in epoxy resin is cut to fit the pipe and inserted with pressurized air. After the liner is fully extended hot water or steam is applied which hardens the liner. That’s why it is called cured-in-place-pipe. The liner becomes a new pipe inside the existing pipe. The project is quicker and less expensive that traditional digging and replacing methods and cleanup is easy with just a single hole, roughly 4-feet by 4-feet, left to fill and the job is done.

If you would like to find out more about cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) or other less disruptive trenchless technologies used for sewer and water pipe repairs, contact American Trenchless. This‘innovative way to repair sewer lines is more affordable than you may think. It is also a more environmentally safe way to fix an underground line of any kind. Call them today at 844-663-4484 to book an appointment for a video pipe inspection should you feel your pipes are leaking or damaged in any way.

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