Trenchless Pipe Lining and Other Ways to Repair Your Sewer Pipe


Customers have found that 45th Parallel Plumbing is really their ‘Northern Michigan’s Neighborhood Plumber’ because of the excellent services they provide. The company specializes in winterizing homes when sewer drains and pipes freeze, causing blockages.

They also do plumbing installation in new homes as well as plumbing inspections. They remodel installation and repair, do backflow testing, and replace water heaters. Finally, they also offer seasonal inspections and shallow well pump replacement.

With their expertise, they can help their customers understand what trenchless pipe lining is and some of the other methods this modern day and age use to repair sewer pipes.

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Basically, trenchless pipe lining is creating a new pipe inside an old pipe. People now prefer this method because of the benefits and the cost-saving option that comes with it in the long run.

Other repair methods

Aside from pipe lining, which is also called the ‘Cure In Place Pipe (CIPP)’, some of the other methods a sewer pipe can be repaired includes Pipe Bursting and Pipe Boring. Not all plumbing companies are experts in handling these expensive machines.

Only some companies have these and it requires someone professionally trained and experienced to properly use the technology.

Pipe Bursting

The pipe bursting method requires the plumber to dig two small patches on the ground opposite each other. The first patch is to serve as the entrance hole while the second patch is the exit hole, also called the insertion and receiving pits.

The purpose of using this method is usually to replace a broken pipe that cannot be repaired by pipe lining using epoxy. The plumbers break the old pipe underground with their trenchless technology while inserting the new pipe in. The diameter of the new pipe being inserted is a bit wider than the old one to allow better airflow and water flow.

Pipe Boring

Pipe boring is a process by which plumbers use trenchless technology to create a new pipe where there has been no pipe installed yet. This usually happens in new homes, but in existing homes, this could mean installing an alternate pipe if the old pipe is beyond repair.

So with the help of trenchless technology, installing or replacing sewer pipes using the pipe boring method can be a great timesaver both for the professionals and for the customers.

Some of the instances wherein trenchless pipe lining is just not an option include the following:

  1. When pipe lining is not allowed within a location, plumbers can use either of the two methods (pipe boring and pipe bursting) – fortunately, pipe lining is an accepted and lawful method of repairing damaged sewer pipes in Michigan.
  2. Tree roots growth underground is tight and has already taken over the pipe – this case means the tree has to be uprooted and the old pipe be broken and a new one has to be inserted (pipe bursting method).

Contact 45th Parallel Plumbing for information on how you can renew your old drain and sewer pipes.

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