Septic System Maintenance And Your Home in Ellicot City, MD


Septic systems are most likely not on anyone’s list of hot topics to chat about.  They rarely come up in conversation and if questioned about the location of theirs or simply asked if they have one, most people would draw a blank.  Well they’re not to blame – it’s understandable to not be fascinated with a septic system and its workings.  

It is, however, extremely important that people take care of and maintain their septic systems.  At A.J. McDonald, septic system maintenance is the number one hot topic in Ellicott City.

Maintenance Tips in the Home

There are many factors which contribute to the smooth functionality of a septic system and most of these factors are easily controlled; preventing damage and issues in the future.  

The easiest steps to take begin inside the home.

Taking caution when flushing or pouring anything down drains is essential.  Most people know this, but tend to not realize the effect that certain things can have once they are sent down into the deep, dark earth beyond.  Avoid sending non-biodegradable items and liquids, grease, and oils into septic systems via toilets or sinks. This is the easiest way to have sewer system problems.

Other maintenance tips include using water efficiently. Especially when using the washing machine, inspecting the area around the system to ensure no tree roots or other plants are intruding on the tank, avoiding the storage of heavy items on top of the area where the tank is buried, and getting the septic system flushed about every three years.

Septic Tank Flushing

While most of these preventative maintenance pointers can be taken care of by people on their own, flushing the tank will need to be carried out by a professional. A.J. McDonald is the number one choice in Maryland for professional, effective, and friendly service.  

Getting their septic systems flushed periodically is an excellent way for people to impede the buildup of slime and sludge which often leads to blockages and backups in pipes and drains within the home and around the property.

Our team at A.J. McDonald will inspect your septic tank first and then proceed to flush it while properly discarding the waste and keeping strong odours and disruption to a minimum.  It is necessary to be knowledgeable in how septic systems work and the proper techniques to use.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

It seems that people are oblivious of their septic systems until it is too late – at which point there is likely a major issue to be dealt with.  People should take note of any indication of a septic issue such as sinks, tubs, and showers not draining properly, strange odours in and around the house and build up of wet areas around the septic tank.  

Why wait until the air is filled with poisonous gas and the yard is a sewage bog in which the children play?  Start on the path towards a healthy, happy septic system and call A.J. McDonald today!

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