How to Find a Sewer Repair Contractor


It can be intimidating to realize you need to find a sewer repair contractor. Sewers are most often thoughts that don’t cross our minds. It’s something we all know we have to deal with but we don’t want to think about it.

So we put it out of our minds.

We go about our routines and sometimes we might even go on autopilot until the unthinkable happens. Something bursts, or breaks, or clogs.

We begin smelling things we try not to think about. Thoughts race through our minds, “we don’t have time for this!” or, “I have no idea where to begin to fix this, because I surely don’t know how!”

Finding a sewer repair contractor does not have to be as intimidating as it first seems. Sewer repair may be expensive and difficult if you choose to work with an ordinary plumber or inexperienced company.

With modern trenchless sewer repair techniques the job can be fixed without tearing up your yard and a lot of things are taken into consideration and they’re all about you:

  1. Your lawn. No one wants to deal with unattractive holes in your well-maintained yard.
  2. Gardens and landscaping. Don’t worry, your garden won’t be dug up before those tomatoes ripen.
  3. Driveways, patios, and other concrete areas. No damage will be done even if your sewer is located below it!

Now that you feel comfortable about sewer repair, let’s find you a contractor.

The Best Sewer Repair Contractor For You

A company that has been around and knows about the best methods to repair or replace your sewer line is best for the job. Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Service is family owned and has been around clearing blockages, removing tree roots, and repairing all  types of sewer systems since 1999.

Don’t go with the traditional “dig up and replace” method when you could work with clean, friendly, knowledgeable servicemen with great attitudes.

If you think you detect the first signs of sewer damage, it is best to jump into action quickly. The first thing you should do is inspect the area. If you spot blockages or leaking then you can more accurately describe the problem to the person who will be fixing your system.

Next, call the professionals.

You’ll need an estimate an Feltner’s offers free estimates to repair your sewer with smart and economical technology. After the inspection, the cause will be determined and repair work will start. It doesn’t end there, they also offer follow-up to ensure that their services worked best for the situation that nobody wants to deal with in the first place.  

Feltner’s Sewer & Drain Services have a motto and it is “do your best job on every job!!!” So if sewer problems seem intimidating and there never seems to be answers, don’t worry because Feltner’s has those answers and they are ready to share them.

Don’t chose ordinary or inexperienced. Choose a company that has over 18 years’ experience. With locations in Northern Illinois and South Eastern Wisconsin, they are easy to contact and ready to help.



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