Drain Repair Providers in Reno, NV


Drains work constantly round-the-clock until clogging occurs. They are often invisible to us, but they are all around- in our bathrooms, in our kitchen, in the basement, etc. Over time, these drains become less and less efficient due to the accumulation of sludge and calcified matter that sticks to the inner wall. One day it will stop, and the wastewater that’s supposed to go outside floods your property instead.

Bathroom drain pipes are especially susceptible to crystallization. The residue, or “scum” caused by soaps and shampoo collect and harden over time. The same calcification occurs- the drain is affected until the hole is completely choked up. A drain screen which serves to collect fallen hair, pet fur and shampoo packets lengthen the time you’d need a drain cleaning or a drain repair Reno NV.

Kitchen drains don’t have it any better. The constant flow of water becomes more and more impeded as time goes by. Depending on what you put down the chute, your kitchen drain will eventually become blocked with grease and other minute food particles.

Storm drains work to divert rain and water that collects from your roof down to the nearest sewer system or into natural bodies of water. Parking lot drains and catch basins won’t be able to transfer as much water when roots from nearby trees invade them. Some common materials that get stuck on storm drains include leaves, paper, mud, sand, etc.

And that’s not all.

Drain pipes corrode, break and form cracks over time. The degradation process is faster for inferior pipe materials. If you want to make sure your existing lines are in good shape, A1 Plumbing is the trusted trenchless contractor to call in Reno. Their expert technicians recommend regular drain cleaning and maintenance services to determine your drain pipe’s health before it gets worse.

Trenchless Drain Repair

Trenchless technology is a no-dig solution that’s very convenient for residential and commercial owners in and around Reno, NV. The technicians dig up only a small hole called an access point in order to fix your drain pipe.

A camera inspection is first carried out by professionals. The specialized, high-resolution camera is fitted with a long, flexible optic fiber cable which can be used to travel down your sewer lines to locate the source of the problem. Real-time feed enables you and the technician to come up with the best trenchless solution.

Hydro-jetting, a procedure that utilizes high water pressure, comes next in order to clean your pipes of any stuck debris or roots. The buildup is flushed away and your drain is clean. A liner coated with special epoxy resin is then introduced into the pipe. The bladder inflates the liner to accommodate the pipe diameter, then the liner is cured in place. After a few hours, the resin hardens and the bladder equipment is removed. The end result is a new pipe material within the old pipe.

A1 Plumbing provides high-quality trenchless technology services at very affordable prices. Call them now to have your drain problems fixed as soon as possible!

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