Clearing Sewer Blockage Without Digging Up The Yard in Zion Crossroads, VA


A sewer and water system upgrade was approved for Zion Crossroads in December 2016. The approval came from the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors. The project includes the construction of a new water booster station, water main, a storage tank (elevated) plus a waste water pump station along with a waste water force main. The project received funding in the amount of $47,870 to finish the final project design.

Funding in the amount of $575,000 had already been approved for preliminary work on the Zion Crossroads water and sewer system upgrade project in addition to $30,000 already spent. The early steps to the project included an engineering report, a total of 18 design tasks orders and two different surveys including ground and aerial. The entire project was expected to cost $9.52-million dollars.

Many residents in the Zion Crossroads area who have experienced issues with the water and sewer systems were happy to see such a huge project get underway. That’s because so many municipalities have old and outdated sewer and water systems. If you have experienced signs of a sewer blockage in your residential or commercial plumbing, Speedy Rooter can help.

If your drains, sinks or shower are pooling water due to slow drainage it is a sign of a sewer blockage. If any of your drains have odors this is another sign of a problem with your sewer line. To find out for sure what is causing the problem, have the experts at Speedy Rooter conduct a pipe inspection. They can do this without digging up your yard or property.

By digging a small hole at one end of your sewer lateral they can reach a connection and insert a tiny closed-circuit camera. This camera will show the condition of the pipe from within the pipe. Sometimes clogs are caused by tree roots or other organic material. Sometime they are caused by problems in older sewer mains operated by the municipality.

With a pipe inspection of your sewer and water lines you will be able to determine if the cause of your slow draining sinks, shower or tub is your lines or beyond your connection with the municipality. With the upgrading going on currently at Zion Crossroads, there are no doubt a lot of issues with sewer and water lines operated by that governing body.

However, if the problem is within your property, the professionals at Speedy Rooter can discuss several options with you. They use trenchless technologies which are less costly and less damaging to property. Instead of digging up a damaged sewer line, they can repair or replace it where it lies…without digging a giant trench to do so.

If you are a home or business owner in the Zion Crossroads area, you know you can trust the professional plumbers at Speedy Rooter with any of your sewer or water repairs. Call them today at (434) 218-7776 to find out more or send an email to book your pipe inspection in order to clear any sewer blockage that may be present.


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